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While getting some stuff out of the rafters of the garage this morning a shelf collapsed and dropped loads of stuff all over the scoob.

Not had chance to pull it out and have a good look yet, but looks like I've gained a dent in the roof and a scratch on the bonnet..

well annoyed, and totally gutted :innocent::heart:

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try our dent man who comes to the meets if you find it needs doing scratch...his mate also does scratches. hope it aint too serious...

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>This is the exact reason why i have moved as much stuff as i can into my shed...... :innocent:

Yeah I know, I have no shed at the moment, as I'm rebuilding it larger to get more of the pap into it and out of the garage, but transiently, it means the garage is full of even more stuff :heart:

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Well had the car ut a couple of days for a close inspection.

It appears that I've gained 1 dent in the front edge of the roof, a few light scratches on the roof, and 1 scratch on the bonnet.

If I can get the bonnet scratch out, then the others will cover with the carbon wrap I was planning to have.....

Any ideas ?

It's quite light, but not sure what to do to get it out ?

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I use autoglym paint renovator with plenty of elbow grease. Then apply plenty of polish and wax afterwards.

Doesn't work on deep scratches as the paint is missing, but brilliant for scuffs and marks.

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