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Going to watch speedway tonight as my m8 got a spare ticket to watch the cov bees vs someone, not been before as I'm not into bikes but thought i will give it a go and he did say there was beer there too :laugh: anyone been before.

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No brakes mate some run a 2 gear system were they lean down grab a lever on the side of the block to smash it into 2 nd similar to a grass track bike there a right laugh to ride well funny

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well went last night and had a great time couple of beers and a pie chips :thumbup: non stop action one big crash where the rider flew off the bike and disappeared under the inflatable barrier :laughing::respect: and at the same time two other riders hit each other and race was stopped but then the rest of the night was incident free, will be going again ;)

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could you have a bet though????

sounds like a decent night out....

no no bet i suppose ya could have one among-st ur self tho they did do something called a 50 50 where u could win £250 at the end of the night bit like a raffle

we should all go up one night ...think next one is bank Holiday evening.

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