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M1 variable speed limits


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There was a previous thread about the M1 gantry cameras

Heard on the radio today that the variable speed limits signs over the gantries will be turned on to control congestion

Full article here

No mention of the use of the speed camera's though, just stating that it's the job Nottinghamshire police to enforce the speed limits... Just watch out for those white vans!!

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just shat miself when i saw this thread title mr stealth, as ive just bolted down from j31..... :thumb:

reckon itl be like the m42, when they just turn it on at busy times etc....hope!!!!

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Same as the ones they put on the m25 a few years back, 99 per cent certain they operate at about 10 per cent above the displayed speed limit on the gantry sign, otherwise are switched off (fairly certain about that bit) you should know if youve been caught cameras usually the flash type, hope this makes sense

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Whilst we're on the subject of notts police and camera's , 3 times in the past 2 weeks there's been a plain white transit with blacked out back windows ( but can just make out the camera's behind them) has been parked up opposite the Three Ponds at Nuthall with surport vehicles in the lane further down the road , also a charcoal coloured volvo estate Reg FJ60 _ _ _ with hidden lights is hanging around Notts especially Bulwell , Arnold area so be careful !!!

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