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Anyone had a paranormal experience?


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just wondered if anyone has any real life stories too tell???

This is mine..

Not very often i have a bath as im a shower man myself..

anyway cutting it short i think my bath tub is haunted!

last time i had a bath i was soaking away but felt a strange feeling in my belly?

Moments later felt the same again all of a sudden something changed and alot of bubbles amerced from below!!!!

Stank like like s**t... Think my bath tub is haunted by a ghost with gingivitis?

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Was speaking too ginge earlier and he was major fooked...

Been awake for like 30 hours!!

Fair doo earn some money for the family respect that ya just need too put some aside for a face transplant :thumb:

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Hes got a face and complextion like your looking at him through a bathroom window!

You have those wide funky mirrors Lee that they have at the fairs ??? You know to fit ya pearly White dentures in mate !!!

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when im lying in bed sometimes...i feel this gush of wind next to me...curtains move and everything....

ive told bex to wear pyjamas from now on.....

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But James is it a bottom or fanny burp !!! That's the question !!!!

as we have blinds...im guessing the curtains must be the paranormal activity?????

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