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Good old boys in blue


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Well looks like the boys in blue are justifying their riding around in new volvos. And while they're at it topping up the xmas party fund!

Got a pull yesterday, :question: it was ironic really cos I was the only car o the road at the time, I believe they must have been bored. Apparently the front door windows, (to quote the reason on the ticket), Glass not prescribed 32%. WTF does that mean? Glass not prescribed? :D:rofl:

Aparently light should be 75% and was only 32%

If I'd had my windows down I wonder what excuse he would have used to pull me then?

Not happy at all, thats my monthly allowance gone and now I got no spending money. :rofl:

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They have been pushing this law quite a lot lately, even to the point of waiting outside football grounds to catch all the footballers with heavily tinted front windows.

Have you had an MOT lately? That should have picked it up.

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I had no options, just on the spot fine, like the old parking tickets.

Wasn't advised on MOT,

The miles I've done in the car and was never approached before.

Either lucky or they had other things to do.

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ha ha, and rightly so....

i too got done a few years ago for mi front tints....he gave me a fine and let me on my way, lucky i was nice he made others take um off there and then.....funny thing was i was going to watch a pal at a track day at donny, and for some strange reason decided to go in a different entrance where they were checking at 8am on a sunday morning...wtf!!!!

hard luck drew...at least the lovely ladies can now see who's driving.... :(

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well you wont be the first and you wont be the last...........

but if anyone else moans about tints on the front windows im just gonna laugh at them cause everybody now

should no you shouldnt have them/or what the law is.....

harsh but true...

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2 years i had that car and not a pull bloody annoying , its got the lightest tint possible on the fronts aswell.i was having the bug in next month for exactly the same ,ill have to have a rethink now

i must have been followed looked at etc 100s of times (in some of the less posher areas shall we say of nottingham) they proper must have been bored stiff i wonder how many burglerys , muggings shoplifting etc were being gotten away with at he time , its another crime solved to stick down on his monthly figures

something i want to know is how would they deal with sunglasses or in my case reactor lights, when mine tint you cant see my eyes they def dont let 755 through and im sure most sunglasses dont.and yor looking out the front windows with them not the bloody sides

they must have thought you was a gangsta innit bro

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but you wouldnt wear your sunglasses at night in the dark greg......thats when they say the problem lies...

whether its true or not i dunno....i never thought so....but a £30 fine or doin 5 years cos i ran down a kid or a cyclist, i know what id take...

id make greg go halves drew...... :(

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