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Happy ST Georges Day

Mr D

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Traveled 160 miles today, down the A19, onto A1M, the M1 and onto the A38 back to Derby..

...Not One single St.Georges flag to be seen !!

OK, i wasn't flying one either but what does this tell you?

ps, I guess we'll have some union jacks out next Friday but otherwise where's the Patriotism/national pride gone ?

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I pride has gone. But it's all down to the nation we live in. The possibility of getting arrested for showing who we are. I'm glad I wear the union jack everday

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Yes it is sad some of the company's I've been in to recently had signs up saying not to put flags up etc as not every one was English and not to offend people from other country's etc etc etc !!!!

WHAT. UTTER BOLLOX !!!! Tescos had a similar sign up so did morrisons also howdens kitchens !!! just goes to show how crap this country has become

England best country in the world to live

(as long as you weren't born here !!!! )

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