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Just so peeps know

Scooby 17

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Not been on here a lot , we have our daughter Katie quite bad at the moment , she has been in and out of hospital for the last 4 weeks with her crones but to top things off she now has a problem with her kidneys and is undergoing more tests on Monday god only knows what we will have to face next week

Any way that's y I've not been on much try to pop on when I can from me phone but not easy when I am at the hospital or stuck at work

Just thought was fair as a mod to let u guys know why i am not about much , even missed the mid month meet as we were in ae again :-(

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if there is anything we can do jase you know that all you gotta do is ask!!!!!! :cheers2::thumb::crybaby:

keep smiling katie, as hopefully things will start to get better for you soon!! :crybaby:

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