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Just a warning to any Scoobs traveling up M1 north bound.

From Junction 25 up to Junction 26 the overhead gantrys have speed camera`s on them. They are reverse facing so you can not see them...as they are on the M42....think they may be average speed reading camera`s

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yes they do....... but i am not 100% sure on this..... i think they are only on when the speed signs are on above.

so if they say 60mph, then the cameras are on..... but if they aren't lit, then they aren't on...

i have been through there with Mr scoobyjam, and we were doing 71mph :drumsplay2::drumsplay2: ...... and we havent heard anything!!

that was a while ago though :wub:

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oops, that me shot it :drumsplay2:

some one was up my rear end the other day, so put my foot down

from j26, so if they work, i'll keep you posted ye....

if i get a ban, you know they work. if not, then you'll know

i know the last time i looked, there was no cameras there, they were taken down.

and have to be yellow.

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mmmmmm knew i should have read this earlier....currently at mi folks nr worksop...

as gurn said i think they would only come on when the warnings do...i hope anyway....80 mph surely isnt too bad officer..... :drumsplay2:

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They have always been there since the M1 was widened I think.

As far as I was aware though they weren't active because they ran out of funding to maintain/administer them.

They don't show up on my GPS camera subscription as active like the M42 ones and I regularly do 80-90 through there and not heard anything yet.

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I've doubled checked with highways agency and I'm 99% certain there not installed and operation yet unless these have been done so since October, but if they are they must be temporary ones.

I did find this BBC article but its the only one to suggest otherwise.

Make of it what you will!

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I agree with Mr Stealth, I travel the M1 everyday and will say I'm not even sure there are cameras on the gantrys. Mr Gurn 71mph, I took the VRS Oil Burner down to Trowel under all the gantrys above that mph 2 months ago and still returned over 50mpg. I often look and there are no boxes forward or rear facing, if they are forward you see them as you drive, rear just look on the other side, you cannot miss them on the M42.

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