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Total Impreza Mag - Idol, Trading Post, Readers Drives & Retailers - May-June issue going to press


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Total Impreza Mag - Idol, Trading Post, Readers Drives & Retailers - May-June issue going to press

A quick update folks, we are going to press shortly with the May-June issue and we wanted to remind everyone how they can enter Idol, place for sale/ wanted adverts or submit their car for Readers Drives and take advantage of our NEW online search for magazines stockists.

IDOL 2011

It's back, submit your car for Round 1, prize package worth over £2000 plus a cover feature. Round 1 will appear in the upcoming issue and there is still time to enter.

Enter here : www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/idol.htm


List free classified adverts in the magazine - either for sale or wanted.

Use this form : www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/tradingpost.htm


Submit your car for readers' drives online (we also look at these entries for full features).

Send us your car details here : www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/readersdrives.htm


We have increased the number of outlets stocking the magazine. You can now search online for stockists here : www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/retailers.htm

From the May-June issue we will also be stocked in over 150 of the biggest Martin McColl shops. The search facility for this can also be found on the above link.


If you haven't already, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter. Why sign up? Well for example, in the March issue we not only gave everyone a £5 voucher for our online shop, we have also included exclusive savings from some of our advertisers. We also give details on features appearing in the next issue and important information concerning the magazine. You can sign up here : http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin/ea?v=001slSEbyvZTIjaOuQk6ZRvqQ%3D%3D


Remember, the best way to get in touch with us is via our website. We don't monitor the forum every day and we have a very, very active spam filter! Our online form ensures you get through to the right person right away : www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/contactus.htm

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