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my driving licence expiry date runs out on 05/04/011.

so finished early today went to the post office took my paperwork to them,had my photo took etc...

they take both parts of your licence of you to send away (leaving me with a receipt) and said you should get my new license and paper part back in 3 weeks

THEN CHARGED ME £24.50 for the privellage

theiving robbing gits.

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I still have my old type paper licence Ed, Its valid for 40 years (won't tell you when I passed my test)... ;)

And it runs out 2018....so I have saved some money... :smiling:

Only cost £5.00... :thumbup:

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Drive an HGV and you have o pay for that to be renewed also, every 5 years £20 odd quid. Marv the Pink Plastic Licence with your Georgous features on only lasts for a certain number of years, then it has to be replaced at a cost.

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