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Just had 3 track signed!


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A few of you may know I made a few Jungle/Rave tunes “back in the day” and Dj’d all over the place 89-97. I had to stop in 97 as it was costing me more to buy Dub plates/records etc than I was earning playing them so had to hang up my headphones so to speak but always had a plan to come back!

I have been busy in the past few years building a home studio and learning my tools and have only in the past few months been happy with the results.

I put my tunes up on various producers websites in the hope that they may get heard by the right people.

Well at last all the hard work seems to be paying of as I have been in talks with various Record labels and have just been signed to a well respected label based in London (keeping it a bit hush until paper work sorted!)

They have signed an initial 3 tunes with more to follow if sales go well!

Buzzing is and under statement! :sofa:

I feel like Dave V lately! Lol

Coming to an Itunes near you soon!

Ads :funny34d:

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nice one mate..............dont forget your resident dj at my cocktail party in the summer :funny34d:

Oh yeah! let me know when and where mate and get your requests sorted so I can bring em with me! :sofa:

Thanks for the kind words guys!

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