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heading to a fishing shop for some supplies for the weekend, with Annette and the kids in the freelander.

car stopped ahead of us to turn right, so i pulled up behind him and waited.

glanced in the mirror as i stopped and nothing behind me apart from a white van a few hundred yard back.

looked back towards the turning car and waited for him to make his turn, then all of a sudden, BANG!!!!

white van slammed into the back of us at over 40mph!

apparently "i didnt even see you mate, sorry!"

i guess its a bit hard to see a landrover freelander!

luckily we're all not too bad, all whiplashed and a bit bruised.

ive damaged my knee's in the impact, wont be driving or riding for a while. apparently the ligaments that join my thigh muscles to my knee cap took alot of the impact.

but managing to hobble round pretty well lol

Annette is a bit battered and bruised, suffering mainly wiplash and a briused chest.

both kids are ok too, except for the whiplash and bruising from the seatbelts.

im actually really glad we was in the freelander, i reckon any other car and it would have been alot more serious!

cars come off not too bad, knackered back door, rear bumper, reversing sensors are buggers, rear lights done in! and the brand new tow bar we'd just had fitted was bent big time! but the tow bar and spare wheel took most of the hit, thankfully. one time when 4x4's show their worth lol

all in all, a rather eventful afternoon!!!


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Main thing is you're all pretty much ok - what a twonk in the van tho, didn't see yer? Were the police called? The van driver should be done for driving without due care and attention!

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thanks for the comments everyone :)

cars being picked up tomorrow to get assessed and repaired.

in the mean time we've been given a courtesy car, im quietly surprised actually.

10 plate, landrover freelander 2 TD4 top of the range thing (automatic though, but with my arms and legs ready to drop off, it aint such a bad thing lol)

its done just 8k miles and looks awesome, drives fantastic (not used to the american style of driving, lazily! lol)

its like an aircraft cockpit inside, more knobs n knockers than a wh........... i wont finish that!! lol

weve got it for the duration and no mileage limits, so we intend to make the most of it!

its fully covered, even the slightest scratch gets taken care of, free of charge (no excess to pay).

all in all, im pretty damn impressed!

off for a whistle-stop tour of wales tomorrow (the mach loop, for anyone that knows their raf training sites)

then off into lincolnshire on saturday pike fishing!

then well, we'll see! i did say i reckon i could double the mileage a week! hehe

its a deep dark blue colour, sun roofs front and back, lil dudey computer in it with sat nav n stuff, electric everything, doesnt even have a key, you just stick the keyfob in a hole in the dash n press a nice "start/stop" button.

dya know what, think we might just keep it! hahaha


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