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Hello everyone,

Firstly wishing everyone a Happy 2011, hope your all having a good start to the new years!

I would like to apologise for being so inactive! It's been a long couple of months, had to take a step back and get my head straight.

However, everything’s slowly moving forward. Got some work done on the house to sort the massive damp issue that we here over the winter period, got a new run about this week (After 6months without driving! My gosh it's strange), start back up the detailing work with more focus, products and better results ready for the 2011 season, website will be up in 2 weeks, facebook page fully up and running and promotions on offer for advertisements and company sponsors, so all in all a better start to this year :)

I shall look forward to seeing everyone shortly, I will be attending meets in my little 1.4 8v...yes so powerful at 60bhp!! I need to check dates and get back on the sites and I shall let people know if I'm about. I believe I will miss the first weekend in March as I'm on Holiday for a week with my other half...her birthday and our 3 year mark together so having a break from UK for a week! :D

I still struggle re internet currently so tend to use my iphone for sites etc. I can be kept in contact with easier on my ccxdetailing facebook page for those who don't have it added already, or if I haven't added you then let me know! My contact number is also still the same.

I hope everyone is ok, wishing everyone a bright and happy new years.

From Jamie & Family

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