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cannot sleep aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh


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i got woke up at 02:10 this morning to my car alarm going off in the garage grrrrrrrrrr

so i go down and it wont switch off with my key remote

my battery has been suffering due to the car not being used for a couple of months and so it has gone flat and set off the alarm

disconnecting a battery at 02:15 in the morning with an alarm deafening me and now i cannot sleep

oh well.............up in two and a half hours

hoping a mug of hot milk may send me back off for a couple of hours :heart:

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This foo kin wind don't help either, sick to death of it frankly coz it keeps waking me up and hence me being on here at this unearthly hour on a Sunday morning!! :heart:

Hope you got yourself sorted Ady!

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Did a bit of cleaning on it yesterday but I think the weather will quickly cover up any of my hard work!!

Shame you couldn't make today mate, don't work too hard!!

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