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vareity of cars ???

gwr northants

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just been going through the garage and honestly there is some fooooookin nice motors in the club , from all out balls an all motors like shaky (johns p1)

to just really beautifull and clean like docs , or cars that have had hours of sweat and pain and money , adam,s type r , to just general all round cracking looking bits of kit !!! so so soooooo many of em !!!! variety is the spice of life and on here theres lots of it , soo many members cars i would love . scatty , adam, hendo, whiteknuckle , marv andy steve etc,, etc,,, etc,, no disrespect to any member not mentioned , jase matt forrest etc.. etc... !!! top club top job , !!! lets keep it up for 2011, so any member out there that wants to join full time ????? put ya hand in ya pocket , its only 12 quid lol pmsl !!!!! :notfair::Hammer3::iagree::wallbash::thumbdown:

and no no mod asked me to post this either lol dont be shy :wacko:

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chris i never liked the bug eye till i seen yours fella then hendo bought one that looked good , then i met john aka mr d , some real sweet looking motors fella !!! and green yeah why not its different mate just like you !!!! :wacko::thumbdown::Hammer3:

top car mate !!!!!!!

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You wouldnt be saying that if you saw mine lol

Its sat outside with full weeks worth of s**t on it :wacko:

TBH there are some bloody loverly motors on here, mine will be used from now on however it wont stop it being a clean mofo (just had a full bodywork service at JD Performance) but my bufty days are gone, its now a bit of a work horse.

Why keep it for someone else to enjoy?

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