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m.o.t. fail


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took car for mot last tuesday

only to find out it has a little rust issue

after a trip to boston to pick up new sub frame and c frame on wednesday night

had a visit from our local spannerman aka scoobyjam

arrived sunday morning at mine by sunday afternoon all was good and a new mot tick was given yesterday

massive thanks to scoobyjam for working his magic again

jamie even gave me time to do a little more painting ...lol

picture of the guilty part


cheers mate :)

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Scooby jam yet again saves phils bacon !!! Top lad Jamie , good with the spanners !!! So Paula told me l ????

hey gaz paula likes my service tool :)

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your nxt then andy with ya bonnet latches :thumbup: after i have made a mess of trying to fit them to mine lol


how long do ya need bud?? :laughing:

def owe you a few :laughing::laughing:

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