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Q. I can't post in the For Sale, Tech Area's

A. To post in these sections you need to be a Paid Member (Membership starts at just £12 a year). Click on the Subscription tag on the Header bar to purchase subscription packages.

Q. Having issues adding photo's to a Post

A. As a forum user your attachment space is limited to 1mb as a Paid Memebr this is increased to 3mb. Either reduce the size of your attachment (so it fits your forum usage) or host the images in a photo hosting package (photobucket etc) and attach the link.

Q. Purchasing Clothing

A. PM Andy throught the forum and he will confirm price, colour, size etc and give you the paypal details for your purchase.

Q. Individual Thread and Post queries.

A. Contact a Moderator or Admin member via pm and they will address the issue and reply.

Q.I recieve an error message when i try to post

A. As we have introduced the use of spamming protection software this has generated an issue, if you have not used the forum for sometime then the built in software may have disabled your email address, if this is the case you need to simply reactivate your email address in your profile settings.

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