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How many do you do


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How many miles a week do you do in the Scoob and is the price of Petrol having an effect, Or you could be one of the many who own a Scoob for Sunday if its not raining. Mine goes 10 - 12 miles a day and I'm on £25 a week and thats not even going out for a play, I often wonder if owmership is worth it.

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i only drive mine at the weekends cause i drive a transit for work.....

dont no how many miles i do,but its normally only used for shopping lol...so bout 20 miles

aweek,hence my car only doing an average yearly 6,700 miles a year.

couldnt care how much petrol gets,still keeping the scoob..

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I have to say I'm increasingly having the same thoughts given that it costs around +£70 to fill up now.

But then I do about 3000 miles per year so in context fuel costs aren't huge for me

So with Optimax at around 131.9p/litre (when I last filled up about a week ago).

For 3000 miles a year

Scoob at 20mpg = 150 gallons = £898

Scoob at 25mpg = 120 gallons = £718

Something like a Clio 200 Renaultsport or similar at say 30mpg(?)= 100 gal = £598

In the grand scheme of things if you don't do much mileage getting something newer that is fun but does more mpg won't actually save you that much money if you don't do many miles.

However in the same context if you do say 12000 miles a year the fuel bill for 20 to 30 mpg gives a saving of (3592-2395=)£1198 per year

For me the scoob is a second car, that does low mileage, so fuel costs are not a major problem, as it is essentially a car to use by choice, it is very rare that it has to be used, other than when I'm feeling lazy and I drive to work in it, like today when I had to be in for 7am, and didn't feel like cycling to work at 6:30am to get there by then, which in turn would have meant getting up at 6am

BUt all this said I like the scoob, I would have another, but at the same time fuel is only going to go up so there will I'm sure come a point that even for me, it just won't be worth it anymore.

And all this without even considering the social stigma that some people attatch to driving a fuel guzzling/high CO2 emitting vehicle (usually the same types who are doing 30k miles a year and think that it's OK because they drive a Prius....when actually I emit less CO2 even though I get 1/3rd of the fuel economy)

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i dont do too many miles per day, but as i enjoy the old girl, not thought about it yet....

maybe a lighter right foot or taking bexs car to the shops instead of mine....

might start to worry when it gets to £2 odd.... :thumb:

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I've had mine nearly 11 months now and averaging about 23 MPG.

It's just done 6700 miles and use the car every day.

It runs on 95 ron fuel and that's at £1.28 a litre now,

won't be giving the car up as I've still got another 3 yrs to pay on it :thumb:

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The missus does 28 miles a day in mine + weekend mileage with me hammering it and I get thru £50 - £60 per week on juice.

Thats with her putting the crappy Morrisons fuel in it, I tanked her up with super last weekend cause of the rolling road day and it cost £70!

My Sprinter costs £108 to tank up and I can use a tank a day in that !!

Mate of mine told me he was in Chelsea last week and he saw Diesel at £1.47 !!

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Me old Scoob I was doing 60 to 70. Quid a week on fuel going to work then around 30 to 40 weekends ! Bloody typical though now got a diesel but working away all week only do 12 mile Monday to Friday !! Oh and I'm getting 40 to 45 on a run 38 to 42 around town !!And I'm using 300 to 350 a day in my truck lol bloody v8,s

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