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A massive thankyou.......


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has to go to Mr scoobyjam for what he has done this weekend!!!!! :driving::mad2::mad2::hurray:

i now have a set of 4 gauges in the car......

a new boost gauge

oil pressure

oil temp

all in a 3 pod in the centre that retains the cubby hole!!!!

and an air/fuel gauge in the A-pillar.

he has been out in the cold today, and last night putting the senders in and getting everything up and running!! :thumb:

The guy is a diamond!!!!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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not yet buddy....... :driving:

didnt have chance to take any when we were done, as i had to disapear to the inlaws!!! :mad2::hurray::thumb:

will do when i next get in the car though!! :mad2:

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Why did he get cold when you have a nicely lit garage to do it in??

If i had a double garage then it wouldnt have been a problem........ but he wife got her way when we bought the house..... so single it is!!!! :D:D

plus i'm not as bad as some..... my gargae isnt fully carpeted, or heated!!!! :rolleyes::D

and if his bill is in the post, i'm worried.......... as i know what mods he's after next!!!! (not cheap!!!! :blink::blink: )

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