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Subaru days are over and heres the replacement


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Well as many of you will be aware the beast is well and truly dead and is in pieces now (grab yourself some nice goodies while you still can)

So the hard bit was what to replace the scoob with as it needed to still bring a smile to Shell and mines faces but something that would hold its value.

So this is what we've gone for the car is Muddys old car who some will know from subaru circles as multi trophy winning concorse genius who's red and white subaru won just about everything going and his 350z did pretty much the same. Hes returning it to standard ish and this is what it now looks like. The car has been so cared for its scary as well as full nissan history half the parts are brand new, its been fully shutz resprayed and theres not even a tiny scratch anywhere and as a bonus its a UK car in a very rare Red. All in ALL gutted about the scoob but this isnt a bad consolation prize and itll be cheaper to run than the scoob as well as a bonus.

Spec of the car is :-

Polished pipe with HKS ltd edition red filter

Asi-performance aluminium radiator

Japspeed K2 polished Exhaust

Samco Red Coolant and Ancillary hoses

Gloss Black plenum

Gloss Black Engine cover

Red Grounding kit.

FK lowering springs (30mm drop)

18” Black Inovit Sparkle Alloys

225/45/18 Front

245/45/18 Rear

Kei Black wheel Nuts

Smoothed front bumper (Number plate holder removed)

Motorgrade carbon roof overlay

Motorgrade carbon a pillar replacements

Varis Carbon B pillars

Custom black handles

Smoothed rear quarter (Aerial removed)

Custom black badges (No silver anywhere)

Custom black ancillaries in interior

Sparco Foot Pedals

Di-noc Carbon Centre Console

Di-noc Gear surround

Di-noc Door switches

Di-noc Door Inserts

Di-noc vent Covers

Di-noc steering wheel controls

Di-noc Sill plates

let me know what you think (nice comments only please :hurray: )

Photos below

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Craig Mudd's cars were legendary at Show and Shine events. If he entered there wasn't much point anyone else being there, as shown by the engine bay and underneath there. Plenty of magazine features too. Got yourself a cracker there, it's probably cleaner now than when it left the dealership!

Got to agree with Scatty though, lose the takeaway menu from the sides!

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Graphics are coming off going to give Craig a call this week to see if it can be done before we pick the car up etc and to boot Craig is such a nice bloke.

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glad ya sorted graham :hurray:

and reckon if ya gonna get one then thats a cracker

but not a fan tbh :hurray:

:hurray: lovely car though, all the best pal.

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if muddy had it............ then you'll be able to eat ya dinner of ANY part of that car!!!!! :hurray::hurray:

well done buddy!!....... but agree about the graphics! :hurray: !

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Graphics are going and to be fair the red bits in the cockpit look a lot lot better in the flesh as does the engine bay. This is one case where the photos actually really dont do the car any justice at all. Amazed we managed to secure the car and it comes with a spare set of standard 18's, exhaust and a few other bits as well.

Cant wait to pick it up just waiting to be able to get the money out of the bank and collect it. Hopefully it'll be sometime next week.:-)

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Not my cup of tea so to speak but it's a great looking motor nonetheless - difficult to know where to go after a Scoob, thought about it myself, but think I'll stick with the Subaru label :laugh:

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looking good Graham, if it's Craigs old motor it's going to be eat your dinner off it clean. He once came and did a valet on my scoob and it's never been so shiney :rolleyes:

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i do like these motors, the only thing im not a fan of, is the engines. there a little less powerfull the

an its bigger brother, and read that they were in fact french engines.

but the way the cars look and feel. id have one, but the engine would have to be supped up alittle.

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id have one, but the engine would have to be supped up alittle.

Still 280 through the rear wheels as standard aint a bad starting point and with the plenum spacer and the breathing mods on the car already and itll be pushing 300 so it aint that bad.

TBH though this time we want a reliable motor that just looks and sounds great so the power isnt so important this time round. Going to look at getting a track motor next year for my grin factor :winkin:

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Well picked the car up tonight and shell let me drive it home. My god its flippin awesome. Different to the scoob but it handles so well even just with standard shocks and lowering springs. Its quick enough and sounds fantastic. BIt weird though as its almost silent on downshifting i.e no overun at all. Its so comfortable as well. All in all really pleased with it and I reckon a track spec one would actually be quite special.......think I might be saving for a cheap jap import maybe next year as a track weapon assuming I make enough back on the scoob. :hurray:

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