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I can Smell .........................................

Scooby 17

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Well i just popped out the back and can smell next doors dinner lol, me and Chez are having our first christmas together at home on our own, first time in 11 years lol

We're having steak chips and peas weth onion rings and garlic bread for our Chimbo dinner :offtopic:

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Mine didn't quite turn out how i thought it would...

Went round me mums for xmas dinner was there for 10am by 12pm i was home with nothing more than a block of stilton and some onion rings :cheers2:

Poor mother wasn't well like a scene out of exorcist projectile vomiting along with other stuff!

This isn't a joke and hope i haven't put anyone off there grub :offtopic:

Get well soon mum x

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