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Here we go again!!


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looked out the window this morning at 5am, and it was only a light covering, but by 9 it was coming down heavily...... :thumb: so have decided that i might aswell stay at home, as the customers i would go and see will be doing exactly the same, so would be wasting my time going out!! :winkin::sad::sad:

this weather is killing me sales wise!!!!

cant wait for it to warm up and thaw out........ or i'm gonna be screwed!!! :sad::sad:

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I love the snow too, it is a pain for people getting about and I'm sure if I didn't have a scoob I would perhaps feel slightly different by now.

Most of the roads had cleared and melted by 11am but tonight it has all frozen solid again. The best thing is my Christmas lights on the trees and bushes, some are covered with snow and the colour is glowing through, very festive and pretty :laugh:

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