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M25 closed.........


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you have a point ady , but from a transport and logistical side ?? ok im a truck driver lol , the weather forecast the other week said heavy snow ice etc,,, they didnt even grit the m25 one of the busiest roads in Europe and you had people with young kids stranded in cars for 8 hours , its a bloody joke , ya cant mess about like that were kids are concerned i found it a bad joke fella , dart ford bridge didnt get gritted you had artics having to reverse down off it now that ain't good , fair enough there not gonna get all places done but they should still be doing better than wot they have

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there just not gritting. and to be honist, helping them selves.

regards global warming. thats rubbish, as that would be making the planet warmer, not colder.

even on the net, they say global warming has been put on hold as all over the world the temp is colder, not warmer.

its also 50/50 in the scientists eyes.

but thye fact we pay more taxes for this 50/50 is redick.

and with all the tax, they carnt even grit the roads :thumb:

i'll take a breather know guys. what a rush, that coffee must have been strong :laugh:

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For years geographers/meteorologists have been arguing against global warming in terms of previous temp fluctuations and fluctuations in the ozone layer being related to the coming of a second ice-age ( this takes thousands of years etc) only thing we may be doing is speeding the process up a bit. I'm with the geographers corner.

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