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Picked up my Christmas tree today


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What a laugh it was.

My mate Gary has a farm about 6miles away from me and has a load of Christmas trees which he grows and sells, it was time for us to pick one, so I nipped down this morning. But having a saloon scoob there was no way it was going to fit in there as the tree I chose was about 7'.

So, as Kim has a convertable, I took that and shoved the tree in behind the passengers seat and drove back with it sticking out :winkin: You should have seen the looks I got and a lot of smiles and laughs. :driving:

If I can bring a little smile to the public of Melton Mowbray then I have done my job :winkin:

Only problem is that she made me hoover her car out as I filled it with needles :blink:

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