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weather past few weeks

gwr northants

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ive had right bother the last few weeks at work , i mean this is a road that my boss said i had to try and get down this week ,

in lincolnshire it was sheet ice and snow really bad , ive driven in Norway, sweden, Greenland , etc,, how come they are sooo well prepared compared to us , this was sheet ice and snow , try taking 56 ft down it and 40 ton , slip sliding away was not the game of the day , funny though ,


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well i aint happy to hear that marv as i have had soo much bother , i had me scannia on tick over in 12th gear just spinning up, thats a 14 liter v8 550 bhp and about 2800 ilb of torque , so a few gee gee ,s

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yup,very cold again as of 2mrw,arctic winds

and theyve tipped at least as much snow as before

from friday and causing chaos over xmas week.

they could be wrong,as they tend to be,but there may be some folk wiowt an xmas turkey for dinner.

nice rig gaz,sounds a beast.

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