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well well well

as some of u no i put a post on my arm yesterday and now i have the results

went to hospital today and they first caled me in and said what is ya name and adress and date of birth so then they said u need an xray so iwent for one :thumb: so i had my pictur done then they said i will have a look at the pictur :winkin:

they caled me back in and said we need another pictur so i had a pictur

then sent me out and then caled me back in :sad: and said go back to aae and tell receptioun you had the xray and your back

nurse calls me in 10minits later :wacko: and said we had a look at the x ray on one pictur your bone looks chipt on the other pictur it doesont look chipt

then she said were shore it chipt and gave me a splint

i hafe to go back on the 22nd of decembr and guss what i have to have a slint on for my bithday the 16th december :mad2:

and now i have a apointment on the 22nd and then if the splint hasont done the job they will say if i have to have a cast or not :angry:

hopefully i dont i will let you no if i do or not

now im in pain :sad:

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at 14 mate i seriously broke both legs i was in cast from the crotch on both legs to my toes , in a wheel chair for 3 weeks i think , got quite good at pulling wheelies in it lol , ok yes i fell out of it most days lol , but yeah has been said before get a knitting needle mate as it will help

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