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hmm weres me visa

gwr northants

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random? Why were you typing happy too?

Now I definitelt typed g then a then y and it replaced it with happy?

Come on boss men, I don't mind a bit of sensorship, but that's going bit far don't ya think?

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not really floating my boat gaz tbh :winkin:

prefer full on sportsbikes - not binning them for a street bike :thumb:

you have a point fella but two things really jump out to me , and thats im a pure out and out speed junkie on a bike and on a race rep its flat out every where , also there loads a bloody money

looking at a street fighter and really wanna come on some with me wheelies and power slides , was getting quite good at hanging the arse out on my last blade ok maybe not at 130 like the big boys but 70 to 90 i could give it some , that and i really wanna do stand up wheelies , i can do em for about 2 secs then bottle it and throttle off !!! so i need to practice , on me last blade i could wheelie down the motor way at 80 all day , it was funny looking at all the old biddies on the coach as i went by at 80 sooo funny mate

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