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Missed you guys!!!!!

Scooby Sammy

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Hello!!!!! I've not been on here for about 2 weeks!!! But i'm back now though :hurray:

I only normally come on here when I'm at work as I don't go on the laptop much at home. I was a wimp and din't wanna drive in the snow so had a week off :rolleyes5: then I had a bit of a bag on for a few days (as you do) and didn't want to come an bore you all with my mardyness, then all this week I have been xmas shopping, putting the tree up etc!!

So ello everyone hope you are all ok and I've not missed too much!!!! :hurray:

Hope everyones getting pissed in the lead up to xmas!

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I have felt a bit lost without you lot and your strange sense of humours lol!

Ady I will tell him to come on here later, I've been sending him work 24/7 but he's allowed this weekend off so he can catch up with things...and I suppose he can have 2 days rest lol

Only joking!

Scatty we will have words!!!!

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i thought it had been well funny on here the past 2 weeks.....

now i know why..... :hurray::hurray::hurray:

only joking ...welcome back BIG ASS mardy bum..... :winkin:


your in trouble!!!!!!!!

Welcome back Sammy. :thumb:

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