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htc desire HD


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I've got the HTC Desire too Matt and I have to say it is a great phone - I was put onto it by a techno freak that I work with and took some persuading to make me get one - but I'm glad I did :rolleyes5:

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Guy at work has got the desire....on my recommendation :coolgleamA: vicarious purchasing :thumb:

It wasn't out when I bought my current phone, but seriously thinking about swapping to the desire or desire HD in the very near future, especailly as I am out of contract now and on a plain 30 day cancellation monthly contract.

Anyone know who's got the best deals for the HD at the minute ?

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well im on orange and they have a ltd edition chocolate brown one.

dunno about tariffs as ill just upgrade.

looks a stunning fone tho,huge screen and very well made.

and androids getting better every day.

the hd also runs the latest 2.2 software.

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Have to say though as an existing Nokia user I'm also tempted to swap to the Nokia N8.

I have the 5800 Xpressmusic at the moment which had been a great phone. My only issue is aimed straight at Nokia. When I got the phone with V30 S60 OS on it, it was faultless. Ran well, stable and quickly. Each time they have released a supposed upgrade on the OS, now at version V50 the phone has become more unstable, and more hesitant. I suspect that this is because they have tried to i-phone-ise the menus and make them bounce at the end of the scroll and all sorts of other trick visual effects which TBH, are of no consequence to me whatsoever. The result is that the OS overhead on the phone CPU is now so large that it prevents it from doing everything else as smoothly and reliably as it did before.

Now I assume the N8 has a better/faster processor, but disappointingly although the screen is bigger, it is the same resolution as the 5800.

And my biggest concern is that the N8 will ultimately become hobbled by the same problem as the 5800 as they ship more and more OS upgrades.

I primarily bought the 5800 as it does everything I want in one device, phone, text, email, music, internet, satnav all in one place, and I don't particularly buy into the whole Steve Jobs Apple philosophy, plus the i-phone is expensive by comparison.

So TBH I'm in a quandry at the moment.

1. Do I be a sheep and follow the flock to the i-phone 4

2. Swap to HTC

3. Upgrade to N8

And the more I think about it the more I can't make a decision - LOL! :coolgleamA:

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just a quick addition, the iphone 5 will be out next year will a dual core processor etc so might be worth a wait. Also a mate of mine of picked up the samsung nexus s yesterdasy What a phone ! and it came with 2.3 already installed , as its a google phone he wont have to wait for the other networks to update their os with bubbles and dolphins lol but mine is due for upgrade in jan so ill be looking at this very closely

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Yeah seen the nexus s advertised, looks good.

Also like the look of the Motorola one, that's also android, but can't remember the name of it, but it's supposed to be somewhat tougher than standard, with impact, and scratch resistance, and water resistant, so it you drop it in your bucket of suds when washing the car, you just fish it out wipe it down and stuff it back in your pocket no harm done :laugh:

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scratch u lost me on about the 2nd sentance ?? Im due a upgrade in jan havent got a clue wot to get , was thinking iphone 16g or wot ever it is bloody called , might have to have a look at this thing though if its that good

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OK GWR :hurray:

In the mobile phone market there are 2 basic types of phone:

1.Standard mobiles, which essentially make calls and send texts and that's about it, some are a bit posh and do mp3 players as well, and maybe even fm radio :laugh: . Main advantage is phenominal battery life.

2. Smart Phones, these typically have big colour screens, do phone calls, viceo calls, text messages, picture messages, internet, email, mp3 player, wi-fi, video player, and just about anything else you can imagine, such as Sat Nav if the device has a GPS unit.

Now for choice 1 there are loads of phones from loads of manufacturers, but it esssntial boils down to unit cost, and battery life as being the most important features.

In camp 2, there are essentially 3 platforms that are available that I can think of:

a. Apple OS(basically the i-phone and i-pad, although I pad won't make calls)

b. Google Android (loads of phones)

c. Symbian OS (Nokia's platform)

These basically offer a platform that can run masses of applications, and applications have to be written to run on the platform.

Apple has some ridiculous number of apps, like 1/2 a million, android is something like 150,000, and I think symbian is about 30,000 or thereabouts.

The apps can be games, useful things like compasses, or as I mentioned before just about anything you can imagine :iagree:

But generally you'll pay more for a smartphone, as you will either have to cough up somewhere between £100-400 and then pay 20-30 per month, or you pay less or nothing up front and pay 35-40 or more per month.

For your money you'll get a talk (phone call) message (text only typically) and a data allowance (for downloading apps, browsing the internet etc).

Hmm, not sure what else to say...

HTC is a manufacturer, and the desire is one of their models, which is now available with a HD screen and HD camera built in, hence the name.

Some manufacturers offer features on top on the basics, such as HTC, they have "HTC Sense" which offers a whole host of useful addons like you can lock down your phone remotely from a website if you misplace it.

Motorola have a similar overlay bit of software too, no doubt others will start to incorporate similar features that they think will sell phones.

And well, Apple, are apple, and who knows what they think sells, but clearly they've got something right with the number of units they've shifted :winkin:

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JUst realised I missed a key bit off, for phone type 2 there are actually 4 variants, as there is also WIndows 7 phone as well. Basically windows 7 from your PC condensed and aptimised for your phone to attempt to give a familiar feel and operation to what most PC users are used to.

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