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made me chuckle.......


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i did have 10 large turkey breasts wrapped in bacon in preperation for xmas

i say did :hurray:

thats before the dogs ate them hahahahhahaahhhaahaahaa

i was just sorting some space out in the freezer so put them outside wrapped in a bag and put them up high but forgot how tall my dog was lol

i have previously eaten bird in a bird in a bird

but this year i will be eating bird in a pig in a dog..........sounds delicious lol :winkin:

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rrrr good old jester, hes my fave...such a nice dog..

that flippin seamus is far too boisterous for me, hes a lovely fella, but hes bloomin huge and wants to lick anything and everything....wonder where he gets that from..... :winkin:

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japanese akita matt - bloody big boy lol :thumb:

scatty.................how true lol :winkin:

i still remember him as a walking powerpuff fluffy puppy lol

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probably not the first time, a birds been had on your kitchen table.... :rolleyes5:

id imagine it was older than the norm tho...

just laughed that loudly it woke the baby!!!!!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

thats a classic james...... your on form!! :hurray::hurray:

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my bruvs was soft as ewt but could be funny with other dogs.

a rottweiler got through into their garden after digging under the fence,

he let it get so far,then when it was close to the house,

he fookin scragged it like it was a pug ffs!

deffo no dog id like to mess with less than an akita.

his paws were as big as my hands ffs.

my staffy is 5 now and we were guna get him a pal if the ivf doesnt work.

but he got attacked as a pup and is also weary around other dogs now.mad2.gif

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