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got my scooby back this morning


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right sold my classic approx 6 months well had the opertunity to buy it back for a good price as the guy needed funds to put towards a morgage so ive had it , im going to be breaking it as there is alot of goody bits on it i want to sell the engine and gearbox first once there sold then everything else will be up for grabs so keep an eye on the for sale section :iagree:





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this is the car that beat hendo gaz :blush::blush::D sorry lee :p

pmsl fella and how many bhp.!!!!!! for any one intrested this is a seriously well set up classic !!!! loads a good bits !!! shame the owners gay !!!! and has a small wennna!!!!

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that scoob looks great mate.

you sure its not worth keeping?

the wheels make it too.

yea got to be broke as i think i will make more money tryed selling this last time for £3000 got no interest and it got wrote off back on 2008 with just a coulple of bent panels but found a guy that really wanted it he told me that its probably the best car he has owned and was gutted to be selling it

gaz im keeping the wheels mate sorry :blush: oh and your missis told me mines bigger than yours :blush:

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sorry james just cant let the wheels go but all depends what i make on the rest at the end of the day i might have to sell if the rest of the bits done fetch the right money :winkin:

oh roll your tongue back in your driblin :p

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