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So what are peeps buying for there scoob xmas ?

Scooby 17

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Last year I tried to get mine its own credit card so it could pay for its own upkeep but the bank didn't authorise the application so this year don't think i'll bother.

I'm thinking of getting mine registered as a charity.

I can then launch appeals and beg for money. :D:happy:

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already treated mine to a box full off bits , just cant fit the bloody things as am gimpy ...lol

and the wheels are back from the sprayers ... :laugh:

i'll get that wheel wax round to you tonight then bud........ and you can sit in your lounge with your feet up...... while your missus waxes your rims....... :sad::wacko::blink::blink:

( is it me or does that sound wrong!!!!! lol )

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treating her to a takata harness :unsure:

hmmmmm reminds me must put my luke harness up for sale :rolleyes:

looking at the prices of them you wont be getting 2....... :rolleyes:

wouldnt mind some miself with a nice harness bar in the back.....they are blooming lovely tho...

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baby seat is one laugh.gif

lol........ yeah in the wifes car!!!! :iagree:

think the poor little thing would be deaf by the time it got to a meet in the scoob............ lol :hurray::driving:

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