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Had dinner today at the Muston Gap(now called the Gap Inn)

It's on the A52 between the Saxondale roundabout and The A1

The car park looks bigger than the one at Larch Farm.

Had a quick word with the manager and he would have no problems with a car club turning up on a Sunday.

Could one or more of the new owners of the club go and have a look to see if it's suitable for location purposes.

Carvery was 6.99 and you get ice-cream afterwards as well.

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Will certainly have a look. But my initial thought is its a bit out the way for the southern guys still. Our ideal would be something nearer Leicester / Loughborough.

But as said will take a look and see. Thanks for the option.

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somebody told me there having car meets at the bubble again it always was a great place befor

We're looking at the Bubble as an option again - that is a good meeting point that is fairly central for most :cheers2:

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