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What do ya think???

plr northants

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wonder if he'll pick her up in an aircraft carrier this time

instead of the helicopter from her hen night ffs.!!

waste of space fookin royal family.

be better if they were still like they were in henry 8ths day on the tudors,

chopping heads and hands off thieves and ruling the country themselves ffs.

they do faff all.just glorified celebs.

hate to see the knobs in military uniform with fake medals on.angry.gifmad2.gif

only good un was diana.coolgleamA.gif

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:coolgleamA: how when the countrys going down hill so rapidly are we all ment to be excited about a royal wedding, who cares.

job losses, redundancy, cuts in social benefits, 6 months away from being a third world country, 32 billion national debt, 20% VAT on the horizon. not enough rooms in prisons, cuts to NHS and armed forces.

but it will be ok because some ginger knob who's never met reality is going to marry some toffy nosed bint who silver spoon has never been far from her mouth.

And were going to have to put up with crap media coverage of irrelivant s**t and drippy knickered royalists telling me how good it will be for the country. bollox, pay for your own wedding................ :hurray::winkin::unsure:

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I actually don't mind the Royal Family, the new generation are a lot more down to earth which is good.

Also you would be suprised how much they bring to the economy, ok they spend also but I think England wouldnt be the same without them, we dont want to be like the yanks!

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At least he didn't buy her a new ring!!!!!!! saved us a few quid there.

notice how she already is wearing blue, long hair slightly across face, acting all coy and demoir, blue sapphire ring with diamonds,

Poor girl hasn't got a clue what cult she's joined, Diana 2 in the making already...........

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well saw the interview breifly last night, and all i can say is.....

1. he looks like a mini charles in the making...( thats all we need!!! )

2. she is very pretty, but was always looking at him for approval with everything she said....

3. she will never be able to do anything in the future with out it being published, and will have so much pressure on her to be the next diana!!!!

4. do we really need to spend a load of TAX PAYERS dosh on letting that pompus pillock get married, when the NHS is going down the pan....

Anja thinks the royal family is great...... i think they are just a waste of space and money!!! :blink::blink::mad2::mad2:

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