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worse car you have owned

gwr northants

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after posting on cars you have owned i began thinking the worse car ive owned ???

probably the mx6

for any one who doesnt know the imports had the active rear steer ?? so when ya parked it turned the rear wheels ever soo little to make parking easier.

well i didnt have the car long and mine started to kick in while you were driving in a straight line , not funny when ya doing 70 down the motor way ,

hence i owned the car about 4 weeks lol ebay any one lol :thumb:

well that and the rover 214 that blew up after a week , hmmm 50 quid cars hey lol

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Can't complain about any of the other cars I've had.

Mark2 escort (New Petrol tank)

Mark4 Cortina(Bought for 550 quid. Had it 3 yrs. Passed all Mots Traded in for the 1.6 cavalier for 500 Quid)

1.6 Cavalier

2.0 SRI Cavalier

2.0 SRI Vectra

05 Impreza WRX

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I bought a Citroen C5 2.0, 6 months old, spent more time at the garage than on the road! BTW I also fell out with 3 Citroen main dealers along the way! Totally NO IDEA!

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Worse car for me was this:

Bmw 525i m-sport


daytona violet, seemed good then....

Paid a grand after a 40 minuate test drive, thought it was really nice. White recaros, 2.5 streight 6 sounded nice then i paid the man at the garage and attempted to drive home. Bought it as sold as seen and i got 5 mins down the road and steam everywhere followed by oil and yoghurt. Seriously gutted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Head gasket gone cracking head and block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bought 2nd hand 25k engine costing £1700 fitted but it was a 2.8 bonus some may say but it wouldnt run right due to ecu/fuel but sorted after finding out garage had butchered part of the harness by the ecu!

Started to love it, lowered it, new poly bushes and got very drift happy, every corner or piece of car park left skid marks until........................

my missus drove it and the brakes failed, she only popped to the shops and it wouldnt stop. I rushed out to her to find them working fine, till it happened with me on junction 10 m42 0330am, come of slip road no brakes 80+mph thought s**t, road clear thought drop cog slow down that way with handbrake proper dori drift but god help me if there had been anything there or rush hour

fecked servo costing me another £200

So driving it around after fixing servo the engine was finally bed in nice and i was back to loving, Coming back one nite hard on the accelerator racing a merc cossie on my favourite privately owned piece of road lol the car cut out on me, over 140 no engine no brakes no lights thought s**t im going to die. made it to the hard shoulder then everything come back on. Dordled home back in shock.

Next day put on ebay

sold for £750!!!!!!!

Miss it loved it but it didnt like me pmsl

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Had to be me Volvo 440, with the pop up lights, nothing good to say about it at all, it was hideous. puke.gif no idea why i had it.

The only good thing was when some bloke swapped me a nova gte for it in the Add Mag lol, i loved it to bits cool car coolgleamA.gif

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It`s got to have been my Ford Orion 1.6i Ghia with fully skirted up in burgandy


That would have to be my second choice, craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap

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It was my Mums, but i learn't to drive in it an drove it everywhere after i had passed my test

I give you the SKODA 110L

Nice coolgleamA.gif

I would say the worse car iv ever been in is Citroen 2cv, the seats were like deckchair lol

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Probably my old Austin Allegro - back in the very early Eighties. Even then there was no real problem, no wheels fell off, engine didn't blow up. Only problem was it leaked a bit. It's just at the bottom of the list of cars I owned.

In order, (best at the top)


Lancia Delta HF turbo

Alfa Romeo 147 ti (and remarkably free of the Alfa Gremlins)

XR2 mk2 (first car I had on 3 wheels)

Pug 306 XSi

Hillman Imp (first ever car)

Fiesta mk1 Finesse


And that's all the cars I've owned since I passed my test back in 1979. Had fun in all of them at one time or another.

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Had a mk2 Escort in beige, 4 door to. Bought it or rather swapped it for an air rifle in 1987 had zero floor on the passenger side, so many spot lights on the front the engine almost stalled if you switched them all on together, done 97k with 14 previous owners and did about 60mph flat out if you took a run up. I fitted one of those chip board and black vinal centre consoles and thought it was great, back seat fell out everytime you hit a bump to.

It's reg was PAK 147R and everytime i parked it someone would put the boot in on it, was a while before i realised my mates had doctored the plates so it read PAK1 47R and since i live in an area known for bnp, NF activities they used to take it out on my car. Any Ford key fitted it so the running joke was to break into my car and push it somewhere dodgy.

Yep was probably the worst but had some real good times in it.


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Had afew cars, but the one that stands out would have to be the 1.3 escort. The car itself was solid but putting the tappetty engine in a heavy car was stupid, it hardly moved.

My first car was a fiat uno 1.1 60s I ashume the 'S' stood for sh*t ha ha

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My worse was a ford orion 1.6!

Had a low body kit (front and rear bumper and skirts) Every speed bump i bottomed out on!!

It had bonnet vents which by the way were proper ones not stick on ones and every time i stopped and turned the engine off it bellowed steam through the vents :laugh:

Oh and to put the cherry on top it was black with a lime green line around it with pepper pot wheels?


Forgot to mention i had a green and blue set of strobe lights wired in the dash which never fooking worked!! LOL :prrr:

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My first ever company car, I was given a very slightly second hand Pug 205 Junior with denim effect seats!!! The real pisser was that I owned a 205 GTi 1.6 at the time, which was one of my favourite cars I have owned.

I used to park the Junior down the street as I was too embarassed. Couldn't wait to get home and go for a thrash in the GTi.

Luckily I was good at my job and soon moved up the ranks, having 2 Orions then a Citroen BX TZD, then a Brand new Cavalier GLS TD, then a brand new Golf GTi.

I think they gave me a crap car as a motivation tool, not a punishment and by god did it work :prrr:

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I never had an Orion, with the sounds of it I was bladdy lucky! :unsure::hurray:

One car i allways wanted but never bought, didnt see much point as i had an xr3i efi which was nearly the same car as an onion ghia. Could of been worse, nearly bought a montego once :prrr: :prrr:

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Proton Coupe for me, never driven a FWD car like it, under heavy cornering it felt somehow like the back was trying to overtake the front.....despite going through an MOT to this day I'm convinced that I bought a bad 'un, drove it for about a month before the back end stepped out for the last time on a damp country road and whacked it into a lamp post. Got home, cleared the grass off and stuck on eBay, got all I paid for the car back, happy days!

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