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  1. Id be up for a day option if there is one. Cant cope with trying to camp with my boys 😂
  2. https://facebook.com/events/2640511912676260/?ti=cl Last little shout out if anyone wants to come please visit the event page and let me know where you will be going us and what you would like to eat. Thanks
  3. Hi I have I have a plan. Please take a look and see of you would be interested in coming along and depending on where people are coming from can have more stops. Please also share and I hope to come along to the donnington breakfast meet next month and pass out a few flyers and say hi. https://facebook.com/events/2640511912676260/?ti=cl
  4. Ive been to see the local subaru dealership and they are really keen to help, spread the word etc. So once we have decided on a meeting venue will get the word out! Thinking end of January time.
  5. Im just gauging interest at the moment.. I lost my husband to cancer three years ago and I know cancer will effect us all one way or another. I was thinking about having a subaru charity ride out day in the new year, stopping at various places and picking up more people and ending somewhere good. With a take part fee and all go to charity. I know subaru people in different groups in the country and they are interested. Please let me know if this something you would be interested in and I can start trying to plan it. Any ideas suggestions let me know. Thanks everyone
  6. Supercar fest at shelsley walsh looks like a good local event. Theres a page on the website any car clubs welcome https://www.supercarfest.co.uk/buytickets
  7. Gemlp82

    Track days

    Thank you that's great!
  8. Gemlp82

    Track days

    So id like to get into track days. I do have a scoobie and love it to bits so dont want to risk it on a track day. Somone has offered me a mazda mx5 for the job and im a novice and wondered if there was any advice just turn up give it a go, join a club if there are any, have lessons? Best place to start. Thank you
  9. Definitely easy to get to and nice pub too.
  10. Haha hour and fifteen obv obeying speed limits! Half a tank of petrol gone easy.
  11. Great morning and good photos!
  12. Thanks both. Enjoyed meeting everyone and there was nice friendly atmosphere. Hope to meet again soon shame its a bit of a treck for me.
  13. I think I am going, but should be on the Subaru Owners Club Stand on Sunday. It may be nice to do the social the night before with you if I can get down night before.
  14. Looks good. Hope to be able to join you next month.
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