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  1. Due to these new guidelines we have updated our privacy policy please take a minute to review this and your individual account settings to ensure you are satisfied with the information you wish to post and share
  2. The club will like to welcome Adrian Flux - Specialist Subaru Car insurance . The club is sure that you will agree this makes an excellent addition to our already great sponsors The section is set up in the sponsor area and gives you details on how to contact them to arrange for a quote or cover Our contact on the site is @DAN@ADRIAN FLUX Please follow this link http://midlandscoobies.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/216-adrian-flux-specialist-subaru-insurance-0800-089-0035/ Many Thanks MS Admin
  3. M-SOC would like to welcome Chevron Motorsport of Stafford as a new sponsor to the club and Forum. Some of you may already know Simon and his team and be aware of his motorsport presence as a sponsor of the MLR/22B sprint series. Simon has a history of competing himself in Motorsport and has a in depth knowledge of the Subaru brand. I am sure you will agree, that the addition of Chevron will compliment the existing range of sponsors supporting the club. Their new section is setup up and we are sure the team at Chevron will be along to introduce t
  4. We will be upgrading to the newest forum software over the next week or so this may have an adverse effect on forum up time and you may experience times when the forum is off line or looks unfamiliar we will endeavour to keep interruption to a minimum and will update as and when we can Apologies for any inconvenience this will cause Regards MS Admin
  5. As some of you are probably aware, Marv has decided to stand down as an owner of M-SOC. There are various reasons for this, but discussion on the forum isn't the place. Marv has contributed considerably during that time and helped to move the club forward on various levels. Andy & Steve would like to take this opportunity in thanking Marv for all his work during that time and hope that he will still be around at events, meets and active within our forum community. To clarify everyone is still friends ! On a brighter note and due to recent events , the forum is to undergo a major upgrade, b
  6. There are numerous benefits from becoming a full club supporter These range from 1. Car Insurance 2. Servicing of your car at Sponsors Garages 3. Discounts on Club run track days 4. Discounts on other club events 6. Rolling Road day discounts 6. Exclusive priority on shows (i.e Rally Day) 7. Monthly meet dining discount 8. Exclusive discount codes from many top suppliers 9. Access all areas of the forum 10. Unlimited daily posts 11. Direct photo attachments 12. Member only events And more..... To become a club supporter, plea
  7. 2015 CALENDAR ANNOUNCEMENT We have today released our 2015 calendar firstly yes its a little late this year as we have discussed we are trying to move away from the usual jap only events which after feedback have been regarded as losing there popularity due to "being repetitive having poor stands same clubs etc etc With this in mind we have looked at other options Now before we get your not doing this can we do that the answer is yes we can attend as many events as we want but we need help so if you fancy an event then please post it up in the adhoc meets section start a list judge interest a
  8. For Sale Section - Please read before posting A few simple reminders: No commercial sales allowed through here, it's for personal sales only. Although anyone is more than welcome to browse and view the forsale section only Paid Members can list items for sale. This is inline with many other club policies and with membership starting at just £12 a year represents tremendous value for money. If you sell the item then please indicate on your thread title that the item is 'SOLD'. Offers should ideally be made by pm (unless stated otherwise in the ad by the seller) and should unwanted valuatio
  9. We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new sponsor to the site L.E Scoobies Another great addition to the site I am sure that most of you will already know Ian and Luke as they are both keen Subaru enthusiasts being owners Located in Shardlow Their sponsor section is set up and I am sure they will be along shortly to introduce themselves and their company I'm sure you will all welcome them along to the site Thanks Admin Team
  10. We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new sponsor to the site Carbon Creations Another great addition to the site Sean And Callum are two very enthusiastic guys and are passionate in the work they undertake to a very high standard from window tinting, wrapping and custom graphics Located in Burton upon Trent There sponsor section is set up and I am sure they will be along shortly to introduce themselves and their company Sean is also the proud owner of a MY03 Sti Blob eye with the Prodrive Performance pack I'm sure you will all welcome them along to the site Thanks Admin Team
  11. We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new sponsor to the site Just Scooby Another great addition to the site Some of you may already know Julian from the Monthly meets and I am sure he will be along to say hello again shortly Thanks Admin Team
  12. We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new sponsor to the site Pole Position UK I'm sure the guys will be a great addition to the club and will be along shortly to say hello Thanks Admin Team
  13. Just to clarify as there appears to be some confusion. The original announcement has been posted in the Facebook group, as it is felt that due to the amount of non subscribing members advertising items for sale that this is unfair to subscribing members of the Forum. So from now no For Sale ads or Wanted Ads will be allowed on the facebook group. It is easier for us to be able to moderate the facebook group this way As a paid member you can post items for Sale on the Forum in the normal way at no additiona cost No the fee is not in addition. If you are a subscribing member, then you are able
  14. After a recent discussion with the Staff team, it has been decided to make changes in the way that the facebook group is used and managed. A message has been posted and pinned on the facebook group as follows :- For a small subscription on the Midland-Scoobies main forum of £12 per year (that equates to just £1 per month), you can advertise your car, any car parts or any other item you have for sale in the dedicated For Sale Section. For your subscription you can also post up any wanted items you are looking for plus of course you get all of the other Paid Supporter benefits. You can join h
  15. Sorry for the oversite status has been updated and your membership extended for a year from today.
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